The Field-Building Role of a Journal About Participatory Medicine and Health, and the Evidence Needed

Lawrence W. Green


In building a fledgling movement into a recognizable and respected field of knowledge and action for the common good, one must first articulate a common purpose. One must then scan the environment to discern and delineate the actors and stakeholders, and then begin to assess the problems and needs they face in making their respective contributions to the field. A field is more than a discipline or a profession. It is more than its subject matter and more than the sum of the separate actions of those who identify with the field. It is the joint actions and converging products of action by the many within the historical, cultural, social, and scientific contexts in which they are contributing. I propose here, with my congratulations to the co-editors and their collaborators on launching this journal, a few observations on the editors' purpose, and suggestions to the actors or stakeholders, particularly within the scientific context of the evidence they will be called upon to defend.

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