Why the Journal of Participatory Medicine?

Jessie Gruman, Charles W. Smith


Achieving the benefit of safe and effective health care has never demanded so much from so many. Each of us has a role, and that role is changing with advances in technology and the delivery of care. No player -- patient, caregiver, clinician, administrator, or payer -- is expendable in the effort to improve the prevention, treatment, and management of disease.  This journal will build the field of participatory medicine by serving as a single source of articles and multimedia content that demonstrate and illustrate what it is and what difference it makes in health outcomes. We will dedicate our efforts in this journal to realizing the change this entails using the tools of science, critical review, consultation, experience and consensus.

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Starting in September 2017, JoPM is published by JMIR Publications and papers should now be submitted at http://jopm.jmir.org/author/